List of files which names starts with letter M

Filename Software name Description
msmqconcepts.chm Windows XP Compiled HTML Help
msoe.chm Windows XP Compiled HTML Help
MSOHLP10.CHM Office XP Compiled HTML Help
MSOHLP11.CHM Office 2007 Compiled HTML Help
msorcl32.chm Windows 10 Compiled HTML Help
mspaint.chm Windows XP Compiled HTML Help
MSPHELP.CHM Office 2003 Compiled HTML Help
MSQRY32.CHM Office 2010 Compiled HTML Help
mstask.chm Windows XP Compiled HTML Help
MSTORE10.CHM Office 2007 Compiled HTML Help
mstsc.chm Windows XP Compiled HTML Help
MAINXL.CNT Office 95 Help Contents
MSACAL70.CNT Office 95 Help Contents
MSACCESS.CNT Office 95 Help Contents
MSCAL.CNT Office 2007 Help Contents
mshearts.cnt Windows XP Help Contents
MSINFO32.CNT Office 95 Help Contents
MSJETERR.CNT Office 95 Help Contents
MSJTRCLR.CNT Office 95 Help Contents
msnauth.cnt Windows XP Help Contents
MACWRD32.CNV Microsoft Document Converters Word 4.x - 5.x for the Macintosh Converter
MSWRD632.CNV Microsoft Document Converters Word 6.0/95 Converter
MSWRD832.CNV Microsoft Document Converters Word 97 Converter Microsoft® Windows® Operating System DOS Device MODE Utility Microsoft® Windows® Operating System More Utility
machine.config.comments Windows 10 Unknown Apple II
machine.config Office 2010 Configuration
mail.config Windows 10 Configuration
map.config Windows 8.1 Configuration
mdm.exe.config Office 2003 Configuration
Microsoft.Interop.Security.AzRoles.config Windows 7 Configuration
Microsoft.Workflow.Compiler.exe.config Windows 10 Configuration
msbuild.exe.config Windows 10 Configuration
main.cpl Microsoft® Windows® Operating System Mouse and Keyboard Control Panel Applets
MLCFG32.CPL Microsoft Outlook Microsoft Mail Configuration Library
mmsys.cpl Microsoft® Windows® Operating System Audio Control Panel
M1033DSK.CRT Windows 7 Security Certificate
M1033DSK.CSD Windows 7 Steam Game Data Backup
move_i.cur Windows 10 Windows Cursor
move_il.cur Windows 10 Windows Cursor
move_im.cur Windows 10 Windows Cursor
move_l.cur Windows 10 Windows Cursor
move_m.cur Windows 10 Windows Cursor
move_r.cur Windows 10 Windows Cursor
move_rl.cur Windows 10 Windows Cursor
move_rm.cur Windows 10 Windows Cursor
MICHAEL.DAT Office 2003 Game Data
MICHELLE.DAT Office 2003 Game Data
Microsoft-Desktop-Provisioning-Sequence.dat Windows 10 Game Data
Microsoft-Desktop-Provisioning.dat Windows 10 Game Data