Download del file MsSp7sr-Latn.acl

Nome del file MsSp7sr-Latn.acl
Sistema Windows 8.1
Dimensione del file 24072
Data 2013-07-08

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Dettagli del file
MD5 01e0a23b8ecf74e399fa362135222daa
SHA1 f8b676255f58dc40241674a2a51024469528e651
SHA256 98aff18e086f6d7e20491c1d437cb7d0e8194a7514d68c4769c8dfa1830ba2ca
CRC32 98aff18e086f6d7e20491c1d437cb7d0e8194a7514d68c4769c8dfa1830ba2ca
Sentiero C:\Windows\Globalization\ELS\SpellDictionaries\