List of files which names starts with letter C

Filename Software name Description
cyzcoins.chm Windows XP Compiled HTML Help
cpanel.chq Windows XP WIN Help
charsettable.chr Office 2010 CryENGINE Character
CNBJHLP.CNT Windows Vista Help Contents
CNBJHLP2.CNT Windows Vista Help Contents
conf.cnt Windows XP Help Contents
connect.cnt Windows XP Help Contents Microsoft® Windows® Operating System Change CodePage Utility
COMMAND.COM Windows 10 DOS Command
caspol.exe.config Windows 10 Configuration
csc.exe.config Windows 10 Configuration
cvtres.exe.config Windows 10 Configuration
confident.cov Windows 10 Fax Cover Page
collab.cpl Microsoft® Windows® Operating System People Near Me Control Panel Applet
ContrastEffectPS_BGRA.cso Windows 10 Compiled Shader Object
ConvertPS_BGRAtoUV.cso Windows 10 Compiled Shader Object
ConvertPS_BGRAtoY.cso Windows 10 Compiled Shader Object
ConvertPS_NV12toBGRA.cso Windows 10 Compiled Shader Object
CreateMaskPS_BGRA.cso Windows 10 Compiled Shader Object
cross.cur Windows XP Windows Cursor
cross_i.cur Windows 10 Windows Cursor
cross_il.cur Windows 10 Windows Cursor
cross_im.cur Windows 10 Windows Cursor
cross_l.cur Windows 10 Windows Cursor
cross_m.cur Windows 10 Windows Cursor
cross_r.cur Windows 10 Windows Cursor
cross_rl.cur Windows 10 Windows Cursor
cross_rm.cur Windows 10 Windows Cursor
cache.dat Office 2010 Game Data
cachemetadata.dat Windows 8.1 Game Data
cachev3.dat Windows 10 Game Data
CANAIRPT.DAT Office 95 Game Data
CANHIWAY.DAT Office 95 Game Data
CANLAKES.DAT Office 95 Game Data
CAN_FSA.DAT Office 95 Game Data
CAN_PROV.DAT Office 95 Game Data
ChsPinyinUDL_RoamUp.dat Windows 10 Game Data
chs_singlechar_pinyin.dat Windows 10 Game Data
CNBE4_0.DAT Windows 7 Game Data
CNBP0.DAT Windows 7 Game Data
CNBP1.DAT Windows 7 Game Data
CNBP2.DAT Windows 7 Game Data
CNBP40.DAT Windows 7 Game Data
CNBP41.DAT Windows 7 Game Data
CNBP42.DAT Windows 7 Game Data
CNC8100W.DAT Windows 10 Game Data
CNC970W.DAT Windows 7 Game Data
CNC980N.DAT Windows 7 Game Data
CNC980W.DAT Windows 7 Game Data
CNC990W.DAT Windows 10 Game Data